There is no Poop Fairy

Pet Waste Pick Up – Why is it important?

At some point in all of our lives, we all end up encountering a pile of dog poop on the ground (hopefully before someone steps in it). Many dog owners don’t realize the importance of picking up their pet’s waste. As pet guardians, we are not just responsible for keeping our pets safe and healthy, it also falls on us to clean up after them, especially in public areas.

Not only is it gross (and let’s be honest here – it makes the responsible pet owners look *really* bad) for someone to leave their pet’s waste behind, it’s unsanitary.  Dog waste is a pollutant that can have a big impact on our environment.  From damaging lawns to spreading parasites, it is important to consider the environmental and health impacts involved with failing to clean up after our furry friends. Leaving pet waste behind can contaminate an area with germs and thus help to spread potentially deadly canine diseases such as coccidia, parvovirus and other illnesses that can lead to costly veterinary care.

If left unchecked, feces will also begin to break down and migrate (either from rain fall, someone stepping in it, or other reasons) where it can pollute our waterways and continue to spread even further.  Another consideration is that pet waste also attracts unwelcome guests such as flies and rodents, and no one likes having an infestation on their hands.

An easy way to help reduce the amount of waste left behind is by installing Pet Waste Stations throughout our communities. These all in one stations help to encourage responsible clean up by providing pick up bags (with a dispenser) and a handy waste receptacle in one convenient package.  Our complete DOI Dog Waste Station offers both roll style and single pull bags (and ask us about our eco-friendly bags made from 100% recycled content) and is affordably priced for any community:

So please remember…scoop your poop! It’s the right thing to doo.  Er, do.

poo fairy


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