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Pet Fountains


When it comes to purchasing a pet fountain and making sure our four-legged friends stay hydrated at the dog park, here are a few tips to help you find the right fountain.

Most dog people know that dog parks are corrosive environments. Between weather and dog urine (and yes, dogs have been known to water the water fountains!), the first step is to source only fountains manufactured with stainless steel. Unlike galvanized steel, SS does not rust and is a much more attractive and durable option for dog parks, dog beaches or any pet-friendly community.

Dual function fountains are becoming more and more popular. Whether you’re looking for an option that also offers a hose bib or shower for dog washing, or a pet fountain with a bottle filler, it’s easier than ever to find exactly what you want. And if you don’t see it, ask! We have the ability to customize fountains – just ask Westfield Shopping Centers!

If you appreciate only drinking clean, healthy water, your pup does too. Look for a third party certification that the fountain is lead-free. Also, make sure the bowl has a slow drain to help prevent standing water which can attract bugs.

For more information on pet fountains and other pet-friendly solutions, visit http://www.dogdrinkingfountains.com or your resident dog park experts at http://www.dog-on-it-parks.com.

Until next time, remember to wag more, bark less and support your local dog park!


What should I look for in dog park equipment?

Bow Wow Barrel

First and foremost, safety should always be the first consideration. This means avoiding products that fall within three categories. One; re-purposed children’s playground equipment such as slides or tunnels (they’re slippery for a reason!), two; any company using AKC standards in the design of their products and three; equipment made from PVC, wood or steel.

Dogs that compete in professional agility are just that – professionals! The equipment used in those competitions is much higher, narrower and steeper than what most dogs (and their humans!) should be using in a public park setting without prior experience.

Recreation level agility equipment should be no higher than three feet off the ground with extra wide planks that are highly textured for slip resistance. Tunnel interiors should be textured as well to provide traction, especially if the ground becomes wet.

As far as materials are concerned, equipment made with heavy gauge aluminum will always be your best bet. It’s incredibly durable, eco-friendly and won’t rust like steel, crack like PVC or degrade over time like wood.

Spending a little extra time when researching dog park equipment will ensure that you end up with high quality products that will provide years of enjoyment for all your park users, both two and four-legged.

After all, you want your dog park to be safe AND fun, right?  Click through for more information on what to look for in dog park equipment and dog park resources.