Who says Halloween has to be to a holiday just for humans? Here are some ways to make the spooky celebration special for your furry friends too!

Costume Ideas:

There’s nothing cuter than dressing up your pup for Halloween. Here are some of our favorite DIY ideas (one of our office dogs modeling her *new* octopus costume!):

– Dress them up like their favorite human (grandpa, child, etc). For fun, you can play role reversal and create a dog costume for their counterpart to resemble your pup!

– Create a cat costume, or even better a squirrel costume! Everyone will get a giggle watching your dog strut around like their mortal enemy.

– Pay homage to your favorite movie character. You can never go wrong with Star Wars, Indiana Jones or Harry Potter!


Trick or TREAT?:

Spoil your pup with some of these delicious Halloween inspired treats:

– Instead of a caramel apple, make your pup a peanut butter covered apple slices for them to enjoy!

– You can also make them some pumpkin peanut butter treats (click here for recipe)

– Or even better, candy corn inspired frozen treats! (click here for recipe)

Visit our Pinterest page for more easy (and healthy) homemade treat recipes:

Ways to include dogs in the fun:

If you carve pumpkins with your family, include an extra one with an adorable paw print cut out to represent your dog – or even better, use glow in the dark paint to make an actual print using their paws! Also, pumpkin (including the seeds) is a healthy and tasty food for your pooch so consider putting the pumpkins to good use after Halloween instead of throwing them away.

Also, it might be nice to have some dog treats ready for families stopping by your house who have brought their dogs. You can even leave a bowl of dog treats out next to the candy bowl for trick or treaters to grab for their pups while you’re out exploring the neighborhood.

Lastly, if your dog is confident and well socialized, consider bringing your pooch along with you. They’ll love the walk and all of the attention they get as people talk about how cute they are in their costumes.  But please remember to bring a waste bag with you on your walk, no one wants to find that kind of “treat” on the bottom of their shoe!

Have a safe and happy Howl-O-Ween!


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